Vineyard Trimmer With Knives “CTC”

Complete with electro-hydraulic controls from the tractor
Stainless steel knives
Stand Storage
Made of solid structure with N. 3 Pistons:

  1. Lift/Lower mm. 650
  2. Widen/Narrow single mm. 650
  3. Widen/Narrow Double/Twin mt. 1,230-2,330 / 2,730
  4. Blade slant

All the pistons are mounted inside to avoid creating obstacles
The tractor equipped with: pump capacity  lt. 30 + n. 1 free drain + electric socket 12 volts


ModelDescription Vertical blade length mt.Min. Width mt.Max. Width mt.Weight kg.
Single Vineyard Trimmer
CTC 4Trimmer with 4 knives1.40160
CTC 5Trimmer with 5 knives1.70190
CTC 6Trimmer with 6 knives2.05220
Double Vineyard Trimmer
CTC 4 TWINDouble Trimmer with 4 knives1.401.202.30/2.70340
CTC 5 TWINDouble Trimmer with 5 knives1.701.202.30/2.70380
CTC 6 TWINDouble Trimmer with 6 knives2.051.202.30/2.70420
OptionalsTOP Length mt.
TOP 2TOP above 2 knives0.70
TOP 3TOP above 3 knives1.05
TOP 2 TWINTOP above 2 knives TWIN0.70
TOP 3 TWINTOP above 3 knives TWIN1.05
CTC-TOP1-INFTOP below 1 knives0.35
CTC-TOP1-INF-TWIN TOP below 1 knives TWIN0.35
CTC-CVConveyor for branches
CTC-CV TWINConveyor for branches TWIN
CTC-3P3 point attachment for Trimmer frame
CTC-HYTOP TWINHydraulic height adjustment TOP above TWIN