Single Vineyard Trimmer

Our dual blade vineyard trimmer has been designed keeping in mind its operator and the vineyard itself, which requires love in order to bear good fruit. This is precisely why it is supplied with:(with the operator in mind) quick-release tractor coupling, solid carriage with wheels for storage, electro-hydraulic controls from the tractor, trimming speed and quality, absolute priority to easy, economical maintenance, structural reliability over the years, Pre-set for assembly of other accessories; (with the plants in mind) special profile, hardened teeth blade to cut branches with a clean cut without harming the vine, blade suitable also for demi-sec products, conveyor for underlying branches.

Our Electro-hydraulic vinetard trimmer iscomplete with electrical distributor and control box from the tractor for hydraulic movement adjustment: Lift/Lower 2 – Widen/Narrow 3 – Blade slant
Complete with pneumatic blade safety release in the event of pressure on vines
Complete with support carriage with wheels


CT Conveyor for Branches
 LS-BIL Upper Top 1 m with Dual blade tooth supplied with automatic release and hydraulic piston
PM Oil tank with pump


ModelDescription Vertical blade lenght mt.Blade TOP above 3 knives mt.Weight kg.
Single Vineyard Trimmer
BL 180 ELDual-Blade1.80*180
BL 180 TOPDual-Blade + TOP1.801.10220
BL 210 ELDual-Blade2.10*200
BL 210 TOPDual-Blade + TOP2.101.10240
CT-BLConveyor for branches
CT-3P3 point attachment for Trimmer frame
CT-SCIVOLOSingle slide to facilitate the fall of the shoots