New Rotary Tedder

This is the new generation of tedders designed by our company to aerate or “wuffle” hay effectively on any type of terrain. The model with 4 and 6 rotors is equipped with a new “hand” joint that always remain engaged, spreading the hay thoroughly and evenly. Its sleek structure also makes it suitable for installing on mountain tractors.

Hay tedder


ModelDescription3° PointWheelsRotor ArmsTotal width mt.Working width mt.Transport width mt.HpWeight kg.
2 Rotors
GI 250Hay tedder 2 rotorsF15/600/662.502.301.8015166
GI 310Hay tedder 2 rotorsF15/600/663.102.902.0020175
4 ROTORS + Double joint + Turning impellers for road transport
GIM 400 HYHay tedder 4 rotor - Hydraulic liftF15/600/664.003.602.1535360
GIM 400 SN HYHay tedder 4 rotor - Hydraulic liftSN15/600/664.003.602.1540380
GIM 460 HYHay tedder 4 rotor - Hydraulic liftF6/650/664.604.402.5040380
GIM 460 SN HYHay tedder 4 rotor - Hydraulic liftSN6/650/664.604.402.5040400
GIM 560 HYHay tedder 4 rotor - Hydraulic liftF6/650/665.605.402.5045400
GIM 560 SN HYHay tedder 4 rotor - Hydraulic liftSN6/650/665.605.402.5045430
ROTORS with Hydraulic Lift
GIM 600 SN HYHay tedder 6 rotorsSN6/650/666.006.702.5060590
GIM 670 SN HYHay tedder 6 rotorsSN6/650/666.506.703.0060610
TAB/LAdditional support and panels for road transport only for models 4/6 rotors
3R TTWheel for hitch 3Point