Pull Type Trailed Tedder

The trailed tedder with 2 and 4 rotors is supplied with adjustable drawbar and shaft drive with limiting device. It is easy to attach to the tractor and is suitable for large areas. Our company has been producing this solid and well-structured machine for more than 40 years.


Pull Type Trailed Tedder


ModelloTimone trainoGambeRuotaAste RotoreLargh. Totale (mt)Largh. Trasp. (mt)Peso (Kg)
2GL TTimone trainoRuote fisse16-650-663,001,80185
4 GNS TTimone trainoRuote fisse16-650-664,002,60450
4 GEX TTimone trainoRuote fisse16-650-665,603,00580