Tedder With 2 and 4 Standard Rotors

The standard rotary tedder is our biggest seller.
The quality of this tedder has been tried and proven for 50 years. It is suitable for working in small areas or mountains with light tractors.
Supplied standard with balloon wheels and shaft drive, the 4-rotor model has two springs that help lift the rotors for transport on the road




Model 3° PointWheels WheelRotor ArmsTotal width mt.Working width mt.Transport width mt.HpWeight kg.
2GSFixedHalf-swivel wheels2x13-500-642.001.701.6010145
2GNFixedSwivel wheels2x15-600-662.602.401.6015175
2GLFixedSwivel wheels2x15-600-663.002.601.8015185
4GSFixedHalf-swivel wheels4x13-500-643.302.902.4020250
4GNFixedSwivel wheels4x15-600-664.003.602.5025300
LW2Additional overrun clutch for PTO SHAFT
TABL 4GAdditional support and panels and lights for road transport