Rotary Swather with articulated 3 points and tandem wheels


This professional rotary swather is suitable for rough terrain and mountain areas. It has a large tandem axle that allows the machine to work stably and to pick up the forage gently without collecting dirt.

The three articulated points allow gentle steering and come with standard springs that cushion the steering. The canvas rake can be folded to facilitate transportation by road.

Those who work in mountain areas where there are dips and troughs can easily mount the third wheel on the third point of the rotary swather and work with the chain.


Rotary Rake

Model 3° PointAxleAxle/WheelsArms/TeethWorking width mt.Rotor diameter mt.Transport width mt.Kw/HpWeight kg.
GR300 SN 4RTurning 3°pointTandem axle4 x15/600/68X33.002.601.3020/30360
GR330 SN 4RTurning 3°pointTandem axle4 x15/600/69X33.302.801.4025/35390
GR380 SN 4RTurning 3°pointTandem axle4 x16/650/811X43.803.101.5029/40530
GR410 SN 4RTurning 3°pointSpecial tandem axle4 x16/650/811X44.103.401.6029/40550
Turning 3°pointSpecial tandem axle4 x18/850/811X44.103.401.6029/40
GR430CM RTurning 3°pointSpecial tandem axle4 x16/650/813X44.303.901.8035/50565
GR460CM RTurning 3°pointSpecial tandem axle4 x16/650/813X44.604.202.1035/50585