Pre-Pruner with discs

Pre-pruner with opposing disks forvineyards
• Working height from mt. 1.00 to mt. 2.40 with hydraulic stroke mm.800
• Guyot-Sylvoz spurred cordon
• Free cord
• Variable Discs number from 4 to 9 for each shaft
• Electric control push button
• 180 ° rotation hinge for road transport
• Forward speed up to 3.5 km / hour
• Work capacity up to 2.5 hectares/h
• OPTIONAL: independent opening with photocells
• OPTIONAL: cutting heads to be mounted on the DA ROS trimmers without intervening on the electrohydraulic system


ModelloDescrizioneDischi dm.380 n.Altezza barra mm.Peso kg.
PREP-ML 4Prepotatrice a dischi completa di telaio e comandi 4+4400640
PREP-ML 9Prepotatrice a dischi completa di telaio e comandi9+9900680
PREP-SCH100N.2 Bilama Schumaker mt, 1 da applicare al gruppo dischi per taglio cordone speronato
ML 4Gruppo prepotatrice 4+4 per telaio cimatrice
ML 9Gruppo prepotatrice 9+9 per telaio cimatrice