Complete with electro-hydraulic controls from the tractor
N. 2 Vertical blades mt. 1,40 with  Schumaker teeths
N. 2 + 2 TOP with Schumaker teeth mt. 1,40 with shockproof system
Oil Filter
Stand with wheels storage

Made of solid structure with N. 3 Pistons

  1. Lift/Lower mt. 0,65
  2. Widen/Narrow mt. 0,65
  3. Vertical Blade slant 30°

All the pistons are mounted inside to avoid creating obstacles


ModelDescriptionVertical Blade Length mt.Blade Top Above mt.Weight kg.
PREP 140-SCAV2 Vertical Blade CUT mt. 1,40 +1 TOP CUT
CT-BL TWINConveyor for branches TWIN
CT -3P3 point attachment for Trimmer frame