Shoot Remover

Shoot Remover
is the only tool suitable for removing the shoots that grow along the stem of the vine.
Complete with shockproof system and inclination adjustment.
The speed and precision in the execution of the work takes place thanks to the ‘articulated quadrilateral’ system which keeps the pair of sponges parallel to the row.
It is supplied as standard with a storage support frame.
It mounts an automatic shockproof system.


Model DescriptionWire Speed
TL-1 BASingle tool-holder frame: raising and widening with support trolley (no electro-hydraulic controls no flanging)****
TL-1Single Tool- holder Frame with electro-hydraulic controls and support carriage****
SPL-010Single Shoot Remover mm. 60086
SPL-SCAVStraddling Shoot Remover mm. 60086
SPL-001Single head Shoot Remover
SPL-2DISChemical weeding head

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