The ‘HILL’ trimmer is designed to work on steep slopes because it has two independent telescopic columns that allow a wide visibility and an advanced hydraulic system with self-leveling of the cutting bars to follow the inclinations of the ground.
All the movements of the trimmer are autonomous and controlled by the Joy stick.
The vertical blades have 3 adjustments: height, width and swing.
The top blades are with independent height adjustment or simultaneously with the vertical blade.
The shoot conveyors have the mechanical adjustment of the inclination and the recording of the turns with a special handwheel (up to the exclusion)
The HILL trimmer is equipped with high quality hydraulic components to work on large extensions.
The following are required for connection to the tractor: 30 lt oil flow at 130 bar, n. 3 hydraulic outlets (delivery – return – drain oil return) + 1 12-volt socket. Our trimmers are fitted with an incoming oil filter as standard and have a parking trolley with wheels to facilitate movement.